Culture Wins Championships

Every leader wants to have a great team culture. Few know how to do it. We provide leaders in athletics with a proven program to create championship culture.

Are you ready to become a leader worth following?


What We Do

Leadership Academy

Designed for student-athletes, coaches and administrators, the Culture Wins Championships Leadership Academy is a 12-Month program designed to help you strengthen the leadership capacity of your team, multiply transformation into others and create a culture that everyone wants to be a part of. From self-awareness to communication skills to time management practices, our promise is to equip you with practical tools and proven tactics you can begin using immediately to create a healthy culture in your team or department.

Culture Building Days

Culture Building Days are designed to elevate and improve the leadership capabilities of your teams and your staff, equipping you with what we call leader essentials. These essentials are crucial to the foundation of every organization. Leaders need to understand and grow in Connectivity, Personality, Communication and Leadership. Leader Essentials are more than basics, they are foundational blocks to build a culture and insert an objective language to help your teams move in the same direction, fluidly.


Core Groups | Development

Core Groups are the foundational platforms we use to build healthy leadership culture inside athletic departments. Led by one of our coaches, each group contains 6-8 team members who intentionally challenge and support one another to raise each other’s leadership capacity. For those wanting to build an apprenticeship culture then Core Groups are key to viral growth within teams and companies. CORE Groups provide you with the leadership language, tools, and community you need for long-term leadership transformation. Simple, scalable, sustainable.


Intensives | Go Deeper

We believe in creating experiences that result in lasting change. An intensive is a deep-level process that has the ability to change the trajectory of a leader’s life and the lives of those they impact. The combination of our language, systematic approach, experienced facilitators and locations create an environment where leaders feel safe and open to adjust areas in their life and leadership. An intensive is a life-giving experience full of practical next steps and refueling encouragement. It is specifically designed to facilitate breakthrough for individuals and teams.

Who We've Served

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