Culture is a competitive advantage. Every leader wants to have a great culture, yet few know how to build it. We provide leaders in athletics with a proven program to become leaders worth following who create championship culture.

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What We Do

Increase Self-Awareness

What’s it like to be on the other side of your leadership? Our Discover Your True Personality workshop will help each person on your team discover their personality type, know their natural tendencies (both good and bad), how they operate under stress, communicate with others and how they operate when at their best. It will uncover potential pain points on the team that were simply lack of awareness. We call it Know Yourself to Lead Yourself, Know Your Team to Lead Your Team.

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Transform Communication

Most frustration comes from miscommunication. Our 5 Voices workshop helps each person on the team discover their natural leadership voice, learn why they communicate well with some and not others, uncover natural strengths and weaknesses and learn to communicate effectively with everyone they lead. It’s a powerful system that we’ve used to turn losing team into champions in the course of one season.

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Balance Productivity and People

Between meetings and projects and to-do lists and the hundreds of other tasks that demand your attention each day, how do you make time for people? The reality is that people are your greatest asset. And if you don’t connect with them, you lose them. Our 5 Gears workshop will provide a simple but powerful system to help your team balance the demands of productivity with the necessity of connecting with each other.

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Leadership Academy

Designed for student-athletes, coaches and administrators and front office executives, the Culture Wins Championships Leadership Academy is a 12-Month program designed to help you strengthen the leadership capacity of your team, multiply transformation into others and create a culture that everyone wants to be a part of. From self-awareness to communication skills to time management practices, our promise is to equip you with practical tools and proven tactics you can begin using immediately to create a healthy culture in your team or department.

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