We help leaders implement our proven leadership operating system to become leaders worth following who create and multiply healthy culture and increased performance. Are you ready to make championship culture a reality for your team?

Culture is a competitive advantage.

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What We Do

Equip High-Performing Leaders

What’s it like to be on the other side of your leadership? We know that leaders define culture and to get healthy, high-performing teams we must first have healthy, high-performing leaders. We work 1:1 with leaders (coaches, ADs, front office executives, administrators) on a monthly basis with a program tailored to their personality, needs and goals to help them connect better, communicate better, build trust and create a championship culture.

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Build High-Performing Teams

Most teams are operating at less than 60% health. The culture you have is the culture you’re multiplying. Our XCelerate system is designed to accelerate the growth of your organization by impacting the performance of teams. We tackle communication, influence, alignment and clarity, multiplying leaders, team performance and how to build a championship culture. This includes on-site team retreats as well as monthly 1:1 coaching for team leaders.

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Leadership Academy

Our Leadership Academy is a 12 month program for student-athletes focused on what it means to be a leader in today’s world. The program, delivered on-site, covers communication, self-awareness, influence, work/life balance, personal branding, stress behaviors and more. The result? Your student-athletes are prepared to be leaders worth following while on campus and as professionals.

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Transforming Team Communication

Most frustration comes from miscommunication. Transforming Team Communicatoin is a simple, scalable system to take your team to the next level. It utilizes our 5 Voices System with a series of interactive workshops to help you deepen relational trust, increase self-awareness, and unlock the true potential of your team. These can be delivered on-site by one of our team members, or done virtually through our Transforming Team Communication video series.

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